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Vira’s Vision for the Future

  • May 2017
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Most of us take life as it comes. We are so focused on the current events and situations that we don’t take the time to think of things in the long term. And this is understandable, also because the present affects us now. But it is essential to broaden your vision and see past the current situations to achieve a greater outcome.


I had envisioned my ambition early on in life. I remained loyal to my purpose and allowed it to guide me in taking the necessary steps to make it come true. Along my journey I have realized that your vision can become reality only through your actions, diligence and perseverance.


I had dreamt of joining the family business and taking it to new heights. The journey was a roller coaster ride (read about it here) with its ups and downs, but I think I can safely say that I made it. But it doesn’t end there. I have a bigger vision for myself, my company and all the people connected to it.


Under my leadership and guidance my company Vira International has been recruiting Chefs for almost 15 years now and have done a lot of mobility of chefs from India to all parts of the world including UK, USA, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and also from some parts of East Europe. We have established a name for ourselves as a top recruiter for Indian Chefs across the globe.


But my vision going forward is not to be the recruiter of Indian chefs alone but the recruiter of global chefs. With this endeavor we will focus on the recruitment and mobility of chefs all across the globe, to become a truly global recruitment company without restrictions and borders.


Going beyond chefs we are also looking to establish practical and vocational classes for entry level commis and cooks, looking to enhance and develop their culinary skills and will also focus on providing hotels and restaurant companies in India with highly skilled chefs and commis for their diverse needs in the kitchen.


We have already taken steps in this direction by building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates, to help us expand and offer our services to chefs across the globe. Our initial steps have resulted in High End Restaurants in India requesting us to bring in Chefs from places such as South America and Italy.


We have also received an overwhelming response from expat chefs interested to come and work in India, to share their knowledge and cuisine and take in some of the Indian culture along the way. 


Alijan Rajan, CEO, Vira International


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