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Take advantage of the unique opportunity to train in Great Britain, and gain skills and experience in your chosen profession whilst living and working in one of the worlds most advanced nations you will train with a British organisation and gain valuable experience. Vira International has 4 decades of experience in placing students and professionals with International Companies globally.


We work with Students (Currently pursuing a Degree or a Diploma) as well as fresh graduates (Must start Internship within 12 months of graduating) to assist them in matching their CV’s for internship opportunities with suitable companies where they can train, in their chosen professional field.


The Tier 5 of the point Based System, allows students to gain professional training for a maximum period of 12 months.


  • Participating in this program will have many great advantages;

  • You will
  • Expand your knowledge and skills.
    Train in one of the world’s most advanced and hospitable countries.
    Learn new cultures and experience life in a different country.
    Return home with a broad in-depth knowledge in your professional area.


  • We will arrange everything for you
  • Professional Resume & Interview set up and preparation.
    Guarantee your Placement into a PAID internship.
    We also have short term unpaid internships.
    We offer step by step guidance in obtaining UK Sponsorship under Tier-5 Scheme.
    Assistance with airport pick-up in the UK.
    Orientation in the UK with Sponsor.
    Accommodation assistance.
    National Insurance Number.
    Assist with opening a UK Bank Account.
    Comprehensive ongoing support while you are in the UK.


  • Qualifications required
  • Degree/ Diploma from a Professional University with less than one year work experience OR Currently Enrolled in a Degree /Diploma course and looking for work placement as part of the degree program.


  • Age
  • Must be Over 18


  • Positions Available
  • Front Office / GSA
    Food and Beverage Service
    Rotation in all areas


    Internship must be in the field of your education.


  • Process Time Line

    From the time we receive all your Documents, sponsorship application forms to the time you join your company in the UK it can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks.


  • Pay and Hours of Work

    Your average working week will be around 32-40 hours per week. Contracts vary from company to Company but generally remuneration is a minimum of £6.50 per hour or NMW (National Minimum Wage).


  • Application Process

  • Stage 1:
  • To ensure that your application is processed efficiently and quickly, please e-mail the following documents to us as listed below:
    1. Detailed resume with photo and cover letter, telling why an Internship in the UK will benefit you.

    2. Completed registration form and fees.
    3. Terms & Conditions – signed & dated
    4. Reference letters from college / or previous employers.
    5. Copy of Professional degree or letter from college confirming you are enrolled in a degree level course.
    6. Photo passport page.
    7. Certificate in English proficiency (TOEFL, SLEP, TOEIC etc.).


  • Stage 2:
  • Once you have been advised that your application has been successful and you have been short-listed, we will arrange your Telephone/Skype, interview with your prospective employer.


  • Stage 3:
  • Once your interview is successful, we will send you a Letter of Offer, job description/Internship plan, and details of your pay and other conditions of your contract.
    You will need to sign & send us the following:


    1. Letter of Offer
    2. Training Plan


    You will then need to post the signed documents and the bank deposit receipt for the balance of outstanding monies to Vira International Ltd. Once we have received the above we will process your application for the sponsor to issue your certificate of sponsorship, which will be sent across to you.


  • Stage 4:
  • You will be required to submit your Visa Application at the nearest UK Visa Entry clearance offices in the section of the British High Commission. They will decide if an interview is necessary before deciding to grant/refuse a visa.


    You will need to pay applicable Visa fee directly to the British High Commission at the time of applying for your Tier-5 Visa. THIS PAYMENT IS NOT INCLUDED IN TOTAL COST.


  • Stage 5:
  • For all Visa that are over 6 Months you will be required to do a medical test. You will then plan your departure to the UK. Please do this in consultation with a Vira Representative. The ticket is to be purchased by you and this cost is not included in the total cost.




    Please do not Book your flight or quit your job until you have received your Tier-5 Visa.