Tier 4

Student Child – Tier 4: Child students between 4 to 17 years can apply under child student category (Tier 4) that includes the point 4 system. Applicants from age group of 4 to 15 will come to the country to get education at a particular school, (fee paying)


Visitor Child – Tier 4: Under this category, you apply as a child visitor only when you or less than 17 or just 17 and especially when you are planning to come in the country to continue with study at least for 11 months.
You can’t opt for the tier 4 category visa as a child student when you are already living in the country as child visitor. To get Tier 4 facilities as child student you have to apply from your country only.


General Student – Tier 4: Anybody who is planning to come to UK to complete further education after 16 can apply Under the Tier 4 category, (that include points system) as a general student


Visitor Student – Tier 4: If you are adult and more than 18, planning to come in the UK to continue study at least for 11 months, without any intention to work there while studying then you are eligible to apply under this category.
Here also, applying for the tier 4 visa, while staying in the UK as a student is not possible. To avail these facilities, you must apply from your country only.


Prospective Student – Tier 4: A prospective or talented student who is planning to come to the country to start and educational course in 6 months and for counselling to decide which course is the best for him/her can apply under this category

You may be able to apply in various ways, depending on what nationality you belong to or what citizenship you hold currently.

You may want to take professional advice from a UK immigration solicitor or from an immigration adviser. You may contact us for advice as Vira International has trained and


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