Tier 2

Tier 2 Work Visa can be applied by employees who have or are able to obtain a certificate of sponsorship under the points-based category system. Thus, they have to meet the eligibility criteria’s for the same.


  • There are sub-categories for Tier 2 UK Work Permit:

    General – Tier 2: To apply under Tier 2 General, the Skilled Worker will require Sponsorship. Vira International Ltd. has several experienced and trained Consultants who have been assisting clients in recruiting overseas workers from non EU Nationals and assisting with work permit applications and Entry clearance (application for Visa in Home country). Vira International Ltd. will be happy to assist you with your application for Tier 2 under the new point based system. Please email amita@virainternational.com to assist you with sponsoring migrants.

    If you are a Chef looking for a Sponsor to employ you and offer you a certificate of sponsorship, please email anjum@virainternational.com


    Company Transfer (Intra) – Tier 2:

    This particular segment is for MNC (Multinational Company) employees who are taking transfer from the overseas employer to UK office branch of that company. The mode of transfer can be either short term or long term as well. This category again has four sub-categories.


    1. Long Term Company Transfer: It is for skilled employees who are coming to the UK taking transfer from the same organization to stay there at least for 12 months.
    2. Short Term Company Transfer: This category is restricted for skilled and established employees who are taking transfer to the UK office for one year or 6 months with the purpose to work for a vacancy that is not pertinent for new recruits who are mainly residential employees.
    3. Graduate Trainee Company Transfer: This route is available for just fresh graduate employees who are taking transfer to the UK branch of the company as member of a developed graduate guidance program that is organized to help the trainees to work as specialists and managers in near future.
    4. Skill transfer Category: This fourth route is for a graduate (new) that help him/her to take transfer to the UK branch of the company to gain professional skill and knowledge that is required to perform well in the overseas branch or to share their knowledge and skill with the employees there.


    Vira international being one of the leading immigration consultants can guide and assist you in the process of applying through any of the categories for the immigration to UK.

    You may be able to apply in various ways, depending on what nationality you belong to or what citizenship you hold currently.

    You may want to take professional advice from a UK immigration solicitor or from an immigration adviser. You may contact us for advice as Vira International has trained and


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