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Our 4 Point Mantra for a Successful Mass Hiring Campaign from India

  • Sep 2017
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Attracting the best and brightest people to join your team and that too in bulk is a daunting task but at Vira we can make it easy for you. Having recruited for the hospitality industry for more than 35 years there are quite a few things we have observed that can make your recruitment campaign a success.
Here's our 4 point mantra for conducting a successful mass hiring campaign from India
  • We recommend our clients to start with a brief presentation to the candidates about their brand, country of employment, local customs, benefits offered to them such as accommodation, food, transportation, leave policy etc.


  • We also recommend to make the candidates comfortable while interviewing them and give them enough opportunities to express themselves. Most Indian hospitality aspirants are graduates from Hotel Management Schools with some experience in the hospitality industry. Although they have reasonable English communication skills they have little to no experience in attending interviews in a formal  interview setting. 


  • Although grooming and personality are key factors to consider while selecting candidates for the hospitality industry, you need to keep in mind that some candidates reach the venue for the interview after having traveled long distance, sometimes in a 24/36 hour journey by train or bus, in pouring rains and hot summers and may not seem as well groomed as one may like.


  • Its always advisable to make your selection decision quickly and issue the offer letter at the earliest. Candidates can sometimes be indecisive or have other offers to consider. Also around 30% candidates appearing in the interviews travel from outside the city which may delay the process further. 


Alijan Rajan

CEO, Vira International

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