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Monsoon and it’s Magic

  • Jun 2017
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Monsoon is a very special season in India. Bringing a break from the scorching heat, it makes even the most routine look brand new. Especially for a Mumbaikar like me Monsoon is the season when the city comes alive. Sipping a cup of coffee while watching the stormy sea at Bandra bandstand, driving along the Aarey Milk colony and taking a walk down Marine Drive are some of our favourite things reserved for the rains.


Dancing in the rain has also been synonymous with some of the most iconic Bollywood scenes. From Raj Kapoor to Anil Kapoor to Aamir Khan most of the mainstream actors have romanced their lady love in the ‘Pyar hua ikrar hua’ and ‘Zoobie Doobies’ of Indian cinema.


But the one thing that comes to everyone’s mind when it starts to pour is the lip smacking delicacies that Monsoon brings with it. Of course there is the traditional chai (tea) pakora and bhajiya (vegetable fritters) combo that is a mass favourite amongst Indians but there are various other delicacies that are a must have too.


Fish: Contrary to the popular myth you can enjoy your favourite fish even during the torrential rains. In fact, according to the Know Your Fish calendar (link) the monsoon season is the best time to eat some very popular fishes including the Silver Pomfret, Kingfish, Barramundi, Tiger Prawn, Cobia and Bombay Duck.


Corn: After the pakoras, the humble corn is next in line as the most loved food to eat during the rains. Best enjoyed roadside, roasted to perfection, piping hot, smeared with butter, chilli and lemon juice finished with a pinch of salt.


Vada Pav: Known rightfully as the national snack of Mumbai this majestic Indian burger is very popular among all age groups. Generally served with a fried green chili, garlic chutney and a side of green chutney this comfort food is one of the quickest ways to satisfy one’s hunger.


Fried Goodies: From pakoras to samosas, kachoris, vadas, jalebis, chips and more, everything fried tastes better during the monsoon and there is a scientific reason behind it. The drop in temperature leads to a drop in our bodily temperature as well hence we automatically crave high-calorie high carb food to keep us warm and cozy. 


So here's wishing that everyone has a happy and safe rainy season. Drive slowly and safely and beware of the potholes, yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan.


Alijan Rajan

CEO, Vira International

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