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If you are a young hospitality professional working in the Gulf this article is for you!

  • Mar 2018
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Being the CEO of a hospitality recruitment company I receive a lot of resumes from hospitality candidates from all across the globe. Since my company primarily caters to the hospitality industry in the GCC I also receive a lot of resumes from candidates already in the Gulf, some working with very reputed brands, usually applying for jobs advertised by us.


I have noticed a pattern among these bright and ambitious individuals who aim to climb the ladder of success too fast and I have made it my mission to impart some of my knowledge and extensive experience of working with the hospitality industry in the Gulf to these young hospitality aspirants.


Give yourself and your job time


The grass may seem greener on the other side but do not give into the temptation. I have received applications from candidates just 2 months into their new job with reputed hotels simply because a new prospect seems more promising than the current job they have in hand. Be patient and give yourself time for organic growth.


Make your CV shine


Aim at working for at least 2-5 years in a job to give yourself a chance to grow in your current organization. This will help you network with the owners, managers and employees of your establishment and better understand different aspects of the business. Jumping from one job to another in a few months does not look good on your CV. The trust quotient of our clients for candidates who switch jobs too fast and too often is very low.


Focus on acquiring new skills and experiences


Just because you are placed in a particular department does not mean you should not focus on other aspects of the hospitality industry. Go above and beyond your job description and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the hospitality industry especially in the region your are currently working and interested in working in the future. Proactiveness and initiative do not go unnoticed or unrewarded.


Hoteliers around the world set very high standards for themselves and so should you.



Alijan Rajan

CEO, Vira International

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