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Certified Staffing Solutions in India with Vira International


Vira International has established its presence in different parts of India namely Goa, Delhi, Aizawl, Dehradun, Darjeeling and Bangalore. We saw it prudent to have a presence in these locations due to the demand and interest of our clients to visit these destinations to recruit staff.


Our fully trained consultants at all our locations are available to assist you in sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting and processing suitable applicants as per your requirements.


Whether you are a International hotel chain, a restaurant group or a large catering company, we will be happy to host your visit to these centres to recruit from a range of positions in the hospitality domain including waiting staff, receptionists and housekeeping personnel to all levels of Chefs/Cooks and also positions at the management and administrative levels.


Licensed Recruitment Agency in Goa


Over the last decade, Vira International has hosted clients from all over the world in Goa to enable them to take advantage of our presence in Goa as a licensed recruitment agency.


Renowned for its golden sands, endless beaches and beautiful sunshine, Goa churns out hundreds of enthusiastic and energetic candidates every year, making it one of the most popular destinations for recruitment managers and hospitality proprietors, to visit and recruit staff for their organization. Our Goa branch processes thousands of applications annually and we achieve this with the help of our team of highly qualified consultants.


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