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Chefs are the lifeline of the hospitality industry. They have the talent to change the perceptions of a hotel, restaurant or a catering company. For those who appreciate the beauty of good food and its journey to their plate, eating at a fine dining restaurant is an experience. This is where the speciality of a Chef really counts and can make the establishment stand out from its counterparts.


We understand this and have created and curated a large database and register of chefs from across the globe, well experienced in world cuisines. Based on your specific requirements our chefs are available to be interviewed and trade tested.


Vira International covers a wide spectrum of Chef roles, including Fine Dining, Special Cuisines, Bakery & Pastry, Bulk Cooking, Industrial Catering, Diet Care & Offshore & Onshore Chefs to name a few. Vira International provides chefs from around the world including India, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Europe, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Our database of global chefs is constantly updated and made available to our clients for their recruitment needs. The team at Vira International is committed to offering comprehensive and effective recruitment services and is capable of meeting large demands for hospitality staff.


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