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Debunking Myths about working in Saudi Arabia

  • Jan 2017
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Most individuals that I come across both professionally and otherwise have a very negative interpretation of working in Saudi Arabia. Personally as an individual who has visited the KSA on several occasions and has a vast client base there I believe working in the Saudi has more pros than cons and more myths than facts. This article is my attempt to debunk a few.


Myth 1. The earning and savings potential of Saudi Arabia is not very high


Working in Saudi Arabia comes with some considerable financial benefits. Not only are they generous in offering salaries but also there is no tax payable for foreign employees in Saudi Arabia. What’s more the cost of living in Saudi Arabia is very low. We all know that petrol there is cheap, but food and shopping are also reasonable, further adding to your savings.


Myth 2. It is not safe to go outside alone in Saudi Arabia


Contrary to popular belief Saudi Arabia is safer than most countries in the world. In fact Riyadh has been named one of the world’s 50 safest cities. The rate of crime and level of violence is far less compared to countries like US, Canada and Europe.


Myth 3. It is difficult to find a place to live in Saudi and it is a backward country


Most companies in the Saudi provide their foreign employees with staff accommodation. If that is not part of the deal then they provide them with accommodation and travel allowances. Not many countries offer this type of package deal. On the other hand modern infrastructures like roads, airports, hospitals and schools provide expats with a high standard of living for the growing population.


Myth 4. Not many tourists visit Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a goldmine of religious, cultural, historic and scenic attractions. The ancient castles, spectacular coral reefs and amazing sand dunes have created a boom in its tourism and food industry, which is an ideal setting for hospitality professionals to establish themselves in its hospitality industry.


Myth 5. Professionals working in Saudi Arabia hit the glass ceiling too soon


Saudi Arabia is one of the most interesting countries for work and business opportunities. It’s modern institutional framework for doing business has received worldwide attention. The growth in its economy and lesser competition means that an individual working for a position in Saudi is exposed to many more opportunities than one working for the same position at its gulf counterparts.


Alijan Rajan, CEO, Vira International

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