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Hiring staff for a Cruise ship is a specialist job. Most Cruise Liners cater to a clientele that spend a substantial sum to benefit from the experience of spending a week or two on the luxury liners. Thus meeting the expectations of such a clientele requires dedicated, highly skilled, experienced and friendly staff.


We at Vira International, understand the needs various businesses have and help companies in recruiting working professionals as per their needs.


Shipping agencies around the world recruit a majority of their cruise staff from India owing to the quality of the Indian workforce. Despite the numerous challenges faced working in a Cruise Liner, the Indian workforce conscientiously chooses to work in this industry and excels at it.


Vira International is specialized in filling various positions required by any Cruise Liner including but not limited to waiting staff, chefs, cooks, housekeeping staff etc. Our offices are located in a number of locations that spark a lot of interest from workers interested to work on Cruise ships.


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