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It is quite challenging to provide workforce and development assistance for catering and management services, in some of the most dangerous locations of the world also known as conflict zone areas. Vira International is experienced in providing suitable candidates for conflict areas, remote sites, military camps, NATO, ISAF and UN Operations. We are one of the best Conflict Zone Recruitment Agency India has today.


With over 5 years of experience in operating as a premier conflict zone recruitment agency, we have built a great reputation with clients and applicants alike. We adopt an honest and straight forward approach and are completely transparent about the working conditions that the applicants will be posted to. We ensure that all our applicants are fully informed about all the key factors that may affect them during their contract.


High Employee Turnover is one of the biggest issues in the conflict zone areas. Vira International closely scrutinizes each applicant to ensure that the workforce assigned to our clients in these sensitive areas is both committed and dedicated and willing to work.


Not only do we specialize in providing catering personnel for Remote and Conflict Zones, we also provide personnel for in-flight catering, Airport lounge staffing, industrial institutional catering and onshore and offshore catering operations for these zones. We offer complete staffing solutions to accommodate the needs of our clients globally including Afghanistan, Canada and the Gulf region. Empowered by an extensive database of suitable candidates, we have the capability to find the right person for the right job.


Our clients include key industrial players such as Emirates Flight Catering, Integral Food Services, Kelvin, Mohammed Jalal Catering, NCTH, Supreme Food Services and many more.


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