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  • Mar 2018
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If you are a young hospitality professional working in the Gulf this article is for you!

Being the CEO of a hospitality recruitment company I receive a lot of resumes from hospitality candidates from all across the globe. Since my company primarily caters to the hospitality industry in the GCC I also receive a lot of resumes from candidates already in the Gulf, some working with very reputed brands, usually applying for jobs advertised by us.


I have noticed a pattern among these bright and ambitious individuals who aim to climb the ladder of success too fast an Read More

  • Oct 2017
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Hiring Right: The First Step to a Successful Food and Beverage Business

Are you a startup in the hospitality industry, a niche hotel or a restaurant in its incubatory stage hoping to make it big? Have you passed the initial planning stages and are now ready to hire? This itself is a positive sign that your venture is ready to take off. You must have also realized that its challenging to hire on your own.


In my experience only about 30% of the time self hiring goes right, you get the right candidate for the right role at the right time for the r Read More

  • Sep 2017
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Our 4 Point Mantra for a Successful Mass Hiring Campaign from India

Attracting the best and brightest people to join your team and that too in bulk is a daunting task but at Vira we can make it easy for you. Having recruited for the hospitality industry for more than 35 years there are quite a few things we have observed that can make your recruitment campaign a success.
Here's our 4 point mantra for conducting a successful mass hiring campaign from India
  • We recommend our clients to start with a brief p Read More

  • Jul 2017
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Tips for a Successful Career in Hospitality!

The hospitality industry is a wonderful place to work. It is a profession that requires a lot of passion, skill, teamwork, hard work and devotion. It has been one of the most successful industries in the last decade providing tremendous job opportunities to hotel management graduates all across the globe.


I meet several young aspiring hospitality graduates as well as professionals who come to us to shape their careers and we welcome them and inspire them to explore a new wo Read More

  • Jun 2017
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Monsoon and it’s Magic

Monsoon is a very special season in India. Bringing a break from the scorching heat, it makes even the most routine look brand new. Especially for a Mumbaikar like me Monsoon is the season when the city comes alive. Sipping a cup of coffee while watching the stormy sea at Bandra bandstand, driving along the Aarey Milk colony and taking a walk down Marine Drive are some of our favourite things reserved for the rains.


Dancing in the rain has also been synonymous with some of Read More

  • May 2017
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Vira’s Vision for the Future

Most of us take life as it comes. We are so focused on the current events and situations that we don’t take the time to think of things in the long term. And this is understandable, also because the present affects us now. But it is essential to broaden your vision and see past the current situations to achieve a greater outcome.


I had envisioned my ambition early on in life. I remained loyal to my purpose and allowed it to guide me in taking the necessary steps to make i Read More

  • Mar 2017
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Rajasthan: Beyond the Desert

Rajasthan, also known as the land of kings is a treasure trove of history. No matter how many times one visits, it is not sufficient to unearth its hidden gems. Every time I visit the different parts of this princely state I am blown away by the culture, history, architecture and hospitality that it Read More

  • Feb 2017
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International Internships and their Lifelong Benefits

I meet hundreds of candidates per week. Some come with work experience but most of them are fresh out of Hotel Management schools.


There are approximately more than 30000 individuals that graduate every year in the field of hospitality in India. Only those who are able to stand apart from their competition land the best jobs and become successful hoteliers.


An international internship helps you set yourself up for a bright future. I strongly recommend ev Read More

  • Jan 2017
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Debunking Myths about working in Saudi Arabia

Most individuals that I come across both professionally and otherwise have a very negative interpretation of working in Saudi Arabia. Personally as an individual who has visited the KSA on several occasions and has a vast client base there I believe working in the Saudi has more pros than cons and more myths than facts. This article is my attempt to debunk a few.


Myth 1. The earning and savings potential of Saudi Arabia is not very high


W Read More

  • Dec 2016
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A New World of Opportunity

"A new world of opportunity" - This has been my company's mantra from the day we began. Keeping in line with this philosophy, we have constantly endeavoured to find new opportunities for Indians to work abroad, hoping to make a difference in the life of individuals, with each step forward.


When we started off in Mumbai, way back in 1990, our operations included recruiting across all industries. Soon after, we opened a branch in the UAE and continued our ope Read More